OSRS Hiscores Lookup

RSpeek offers a unique OSRS hiscores lookup tool that allows OSRS players to track their experience gains in every skill twenty four hours after they have submitted their OSRS account information to the OSRS highscore lookup tool. Not only can you track your own OSRS account but you can also track your friends, other OSRS clans, compare old school players and more. This tool allows you to customize your OSRS experience and track all of the progress you make not only today; but once your in the system you will be able to compare OSRS data graphs together from months or even years ago!

You can find the OSRS highscores lookup tool located here

RS3 Hiscores Lookup

Similair to the OSRS hiscores lookup tool we also offer an RS3 hiscores lookup tool that provides the same sort of RS3 experience that the Old School hiscores lookup tool does; although for RS3. It does RS3 experience tracking, RS3 skill comparsion, multi-player comparison and much more!

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OSRS tools and OSRS guides 

Are you looking for OSRS tools? Look no further! Rspeek.com offers some amazing Old School Runescape tools for you to use including but not limited to; OSRS hiscores, OSRS monster databases containing the drops and loot of every OSRS npc, dozens of OSRS skilling calculators which can be very useful for tracking OSRS powerleveling, a unique Old School and RS3 themed signature generator you can use online for free and an experience table for you to help understand where you are in your Old School Runescape journey. We have a massive variety of OSRS tools that should not be underestimated and are always adding more! We have a section where you can also find helpful OSRS guides on a variety of topics such as OSRS money making, OSRS powerleveling and more.

RS3 tools and RS3 guides

Want RS3 tools or RS3 guides? We have you covered here. Simply go over to our RS3 experience tracker or our XP table or our max hit calculators and input the username or data you want to work with on our RS3 tools and you should be good to go! We also offer a variety of Runescape/Rs3 guides for your reading and gaming pleasure.

RS calculators & OSRS powerleveling

We are the easiest to use RS calculators website on the market to help you with your OSRS powerleveling. Just input your RSN and let our calculators do all the work for you; it will automatically grab your level and customize the results the calculator displays to make understanding the guide not only easier; but more user friendly to! Stop using RS calculators and OSRS tools and RS3 tools made 10+ years ago; all of our OSRS tools and RS calculators are updated with the newest items and training methods in existence!

OSRS quest calculator/OSRS max hit calculator/ Pest Control Calculator and more

In our calculators section you can also find one of a kind OSRS tools and OSRS calculators such as a completely customizable OSRS quest calculator, an OSRS max hit calculator, an OSRS pest control calculator and so much more. These calculators are extremely unique and difficult to make and can only be found on rspeek.com!