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LevelItemMembersExperienceAmount needed
1Exit portalExit portalmembers1001
1Crude wooden chairCrude wooden chairmembers582
1Dock leafDock leafmembers313
1Short plantShort plantmembers313
1Oak plankOak plankmembers602
1Mahogany plankMahogany plankmembers1401
1Teak plankTeak plankmembers901
1Torn curtainsTorn curtainsmembers1321
2Brown rugBrown rugmembers303
3Clay fireplaceClay fireplacemembers303
4Wooden bookcaseWooden bookcasemembers1151
5Cat blanketCat blanketmembers156
5Decorative rockDecorative rockmembers1001
6Wooden shelves 1Wooden shelves 1members871
6Small fernSmall fernmembers702
7Pump and drainPump and drainmembers1001
7Beer barrelBeer barrelmembers871
7Wooden larderWooden lardermembers871
8Wooden chairWooden chairmembers871
10Wooden benchWooden benchmembers1151
10Nice treeNice treemembers442
10Wood dining tableWood dining tablemembers1151
11Firepit with hookFirepit with hookmembers602
12Tall plantTall plantmembers1001
12Huge plantHuge plantmembers1001
12Wooden tableWooden tablemembers871
12Wooden shelves 2Wooden shelves 2members1471
12Cider barrelCider barrelmembers911
14Rocking chairRocking chairmembers871
15Imp statueImp statuemembers1501
15Oak treeOak treemembers702
16Oak decorationOak decorationmembers1201
17Firepit with potFirepit with potmembers802
18Asgarnian aleAsgarnian alemembers1841
19Cat basketCat basketmembers582
19Oak chairOak chairmembers1201
20Wooden bedWooden bedmembers1171
20Shoe boxShoe boxmembers582
21Shaving standShaving standmembers303
22Oak tableOak tablemembers2401
22Oak benchOak benchmembers2401
23Wooden shelves 3Wooden shelves 3members1471
23Oak armchairOak armchairmembers1801
24Small ovenSmall ovenmembers802
25Oak clockOak clockmembers1421
26Greenmans ale(4)Greenmans ale(4)members1841
26Rope bell-pullRope bell-pullmembers642
27Oak drawersOak drawersmembers1201
27Pump and tubPump and tubmembers2001
29Oak bookcaseOak bookcasemembers1801
29Large ovenLarge ovenmembers1001
29Oak shaving standOak shaving standmembers612
30Willow treeWillow treemembers1001
30Oak bedOak bedmembers2101
31Carved oak benchCarved oak benchmembers2401
31Carved oak tableCarved oak tablemembers3601
32Boxing ringBoxing ringmembers4201
32Oak tableOak tablemembers1801
33Oak larderOak lardermembers4801
33Cushioned basketCushioned basketmembers582
33Stone fireplaceStone fireplacemembers403
34Large oak bedLarge oak bedmembers3301
34Glove rackGlove rackmembers1201
34Oak shelves 1Oak shelves 1members2401
34Steel rangeSteel rangemembers1201
35Teak armchairTeak armchairmembers1801
36Teak decorationTeak decorationmembers1801
36Dragon bitterDragon bittermembers2241
37Oak dresserOak dressermembers1211
38Teak chairTeak chairmembers3601
38Teak tableTeak tablemembers3601
39Oak wardrobeOak wardrobemembers1801
40Teak bedTeak bedmembers3001
40Mahogany bookcaseMahogany bookcasemembers4201
40Oak lecternOak lecternmembers602
40Opulent curtainsOpulent curtainsmembers3151
41Fencing ringFencing ringmembers5701
42Fancy rangeFancy rangemembers1601
42Crystal ballCrystal ballmembers2801
43Alchemical chartAlchemical chartmembers303
43Teak larderTeak lardermembers7501
44Carved teak benchCarved teak benchmembers3601
44Weapons rackWeapons rackmembers1801
45Maple treeMaple treemembers1221
45Large teak bedLarge teak bedmembers4801
45Carved teak tableCarved teak tablemembers6001
45Oak shelves 2Oak shelves 2members2401
46Teak dresserTeak dressermembers1811
47Eagle lecternEagle lecternmembers1201
47Demon lecternDemon lecternmembers1201
48Chef's delightChef's delightmembers2241
50Teleport focusTeleport focusmembers403
50Ornamental globeOrnamental globemembers2701
50Mahogany armchairMahogany armchairmembers2801
50Teak portalTeak portalmembers2701
51Teak drawersTeak drawersmembers1801
51Combat ringCombat ringmembers6301
52Mahogany tableMahogany tablemembers8401
52Mahogany benchMahogany benchmembers5601
52Teak tableTeak tablemembers2701
54Extra weapons rackExtra weapons rackmembers4401
54Elemental sphereElemental spheremembers5801
55Teak clockTeak clockmembers2021
56Gilded decorationGilded decorationmembers10201
56Fancy teak dresserFancy teak dressermembers1821
56Teak shelves 1Teak shelves 1members3301
57Teak eagle lecternTeak eagle lecternmembers1801
57Teak demon lecternTeak demon lecternmembers1801
59Lunar globeLunar globemembers5701
60Gilded 4-posterGilded 4-postermembers13301
60Posh bell-pullPosh bell-pullmembers4201
60Yew treeYew treemembers1411
61Gilded benchGilded benchmembers17601
63Astronomical chartAstronomical chartmembers452
63Marble fireplaceMarble fireplacemembers5001
63Teak wardrobeTeak wardrobemembers2701
64Teak telescopeTeak telescopemembers1811
64Mahogany dresserMahogany dressermembers2811
65Mahogany portalMahogany portalmembers4201
65Greater focusGreater focusmembers5001
65Opulent rugOpulent rugmembers3601
66Crystal of powerCrystal of powermembers8901
67Mahogany eagleMahogany eaglemembers5801
67Mahogany demonMahogany demonmembers5801
67Teak shelves 2Teak shelves 2members9301
68Celestial globeCelestial globemembers5701
70Dungeon entranceDungeon entrancemembers5001
71Ranging pedestalsRanging pedestalsmembers7201
72Opulent tableOpulent tablemembers31001
72Marble portal nexusMarble portal nexusmembers20001
74Oak doorOak doormembers6001
74Gilded dresserGilded dressermembers5821
75Mahogany wardrobeMahogany wardrobemembers4201
75Magic treeMagic treemembers2231
80Marble portalMarble portalmembers15001
80Scrying poolScrying poolmembers20001
81Balance beamBalance beammembers10001
82Gilded portal nexusGilded portal nexusmembers26001
83Infernal chartInfernal chartmembers602
84Mahogany telescopeMahogany telescopemembers2811
85Gilded clockGilded clockmembers6021
86Small orrerySmall orrerymembers13201
87Gilded wardrobeGilded wardrobemembers7201
92Crystalline portal nexusCrystalline portal nexusmembers26001
95Large orreryLarge orrerymembers14201


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