Show members items
LevelItemMembersExperienceAmount needed
1Ball of woolBall of woolfree to play328
1Beer glassBeer glassmembers185
1Molten glassMolten glassmembers205
1Leather glovesLeather glovesfree to play146
4Empty candle lanternEmpty candle lanternmembers195
5Gold ringGold ringfree to play156
6Gold necklaceGold necklacefree to play205
7Leather bootsLeather bootsfree to play166
7Gold braceletGold braceletmembers254
8Gold amulet (u)Gold amulet (u)free to play303
9Leather cowlLeather cowlfree to play195
10Bow stringBow stringmembers156
10Crossbow stringCrossbow stringmembers156
11Leather vambracesLeather vambracesfree to play224
12Empty oil lampEmpty oil lampmembers254
14Leather bodyLeather bodyfree to play254
16Red topazRed topazmembers254
16Unstrung symbolUnstrung symbolfree to play502
17Unstrung emblemUnstrung emblemmembers502
18Leather chapsLeather chapsfree to play274
19Magic stringMagic stringmembers303
20Sapphire ringSapphire ringfree to play403
20SapphireSapphirefree to play502
21Empty sackEmpty sackmembers383
22Sapphire necklaceSapphire necklacefree to play552
23Sapphire braceletSapphire braceletmembers602
23TiaraTiarafree to play532
24Sapphire amulet (u)Sapphire amulet (u)free to play652
27Emerald ringEmerald ringfree to play552
27EmeraldEmeraldfree to play682
28Hardleather bodyHardleather bodyfree to play353
29Emerald necklaceEmerald necklacefree to play602
30Emerald braceletEmerald braceletmembers652
31Emerald amulet (u)Emerald amulet (u)free to play702
32Spiky vambracesSpiky vambracesmembers614
34RubyRubyfree to play851
34Ruby ringRuby ringfree to play702
40Ruby necklaceRuby necklacefree to play752
42Ruby braceletRuby braceletmembers802
43DiamondDiamondfree to play1081
43Diamond ringDiamond ringfree to play851
46Unpowered orbUnpowered orbmembers532
49Lantern lensLantern lensmembers552
50Ruby amulet (u)Ruby amulet (u)free to play851
54Water battlestaffWater battlestaffmembers1001
55Dragonstone ringDragonstone ringmembers1001
56Diamond necklaceDiamond necklacefree to play901
57Green d'hide vambracesGreen d'hide vambracesmembers622
58Earth battlestaffEarth battlestaffmembers1131
58Diamond braceletDiamond braceletmembers951
60Green d'hide chapsGreen d'hide chapsmembers1241
62Fire battlestaffFire battlestaffmembers1251
63Green d'hide bodyGreen d'hide bodymembers1861
66Air battlestaffAir battlestaffmembers1381
66Blue d'hide vambracesBlue d'hide vambracesmembers702
67Onyx ringOnyx ringmembers1151
68Blue d'hide chapsBlue d'hide chapsmembers1401
70Diamond amulet (u)Diamond amulet (u)free to play1001
71Blue d'hide bodyBlue d'hide bodymembers2101
72Dragon necklaceDragon necklacemembers1051
73Red d'hide vambracesRed d'hide vambracesmembers782
74Dragonstone braceletDragonstone braceletmembers1101
75Red d'hide chapsRed d'hide chapsmembers1561
77Red d'hide bodyRed d'hide bodymembers2341
79Black d'hide vambracesBlack d'hide vambracesmembers861
80Dragonstone amulet (u)Dragonstone amulet (u)members1501
82Onyx necklaceOnyx necklacemembers1201
82Black d'hide chapsBlack d'hide chapsmembers1721
83Amethyst bolt tipsAmethyst bolt tipsmembers602
84Onyx braceletOnyx braceletmembers1251
84Black d'hide bodyBlack d'hide bodymembers2581
85Amethyst arrowtipsAmethyst arrowtipsmembers602
87Amethyst javelin headsAmethyst javelin headsmembers602
87Empty light orbEmpty light orbmembers702
87Light orbLight orbmembers1041
89Zenyte ringZenyte ringmembers1501
90Onyx amulet (u)Onyx amulet (u)members1651
92Zenyte necklaceZenyte necklacemembers1651
95Zenyte braceletZenyte braceletmembers1801
98Zenyte amulet (u)Zenyte amulet (u)members2001

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