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LevelItemMembersExperienceAmount needed
1Raw shrimpsRaw shrimpsfree to play109
5Raw sardineRaw sardinefree to play205
10Raw herringRaw herringfree to play303
15Raw anchoviesRaw anchoviesfree to play403
16Raw mackerelRaw mackerelmembers205
20Raw troutRaw troutfree to play502
23Raw codRaw codmembers452
25Raw pikeRaw pikefree to play602
28Raw slimy eelRaw slimy eelmembers652
30Raw salmonRaw salmonfree to play702
35Raw tunaRaw tunafree to play802
38Raw cave eelRaw cave eelmembers802
38Raw rainbow fishRaw rainbow fishmembers802
40Raw lobsterRaw lobsterfree to play901
46Raw bassRaw bassmembers1001
48Leaping troutLeaping troutmembers502
58Leaping salmonLeaping salmonmembers702
65Raw karambwanRaw karambwanmembers502
79Raw sea turtleRaw sea turtlemembers383
81Raw manta rayRaw manta raymembers462
82Raw anglerfishRaw anglerfishmembers1201
85Raw dark crabRaw dark crabmembers1301

Osrs Fishing Calculator

Easy to use OSRS fishing calculator that is automated and easy to use. Track your OSRS fishing experience here. Our OSRS fishing calculator is so easy to use it practically functions as a OSRS fishing guide.