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LevelItemMembersExperienceAmount needed
1Air tiaraAir tiarafree to play254
1Cosmic tiaraCosmic tiaramembers403
1Water tiaraWater tiarafree to play303
1Earth tiaraEarth tiarafree to play333
1Fire tiaraFire tiarafree to play353
1Body tiaraBody tiarafree to play383
1Chaos tiaraChaos tiaramembers432
1Wrath tiaraWrath tiaramembers532
1Law tiaraLaw tiaramembers482
1Death tiaraDeath tiaramembers502
1Air runeAir runefree to play517
1Mind tiaraMind tiarafree to play283
1Nature tiaraNature tiaramembers452
2Mind runeMind runefree to play614
5Water runeWater runefree to play614
5Smoke runeSmoke runemembers109
6Mist runeMist runemembers910
9Earth runeEarth runefree to play712
10Dust runeDust runemembers910
13Mud runeMud runemembers109
14Fire runeFire runefree to play712
19Steam runeSteam runemembers109
20Body runeBody runefree to play811
23Lava runeLava runemembers118
27Cosmic runeCosmic runemembers811
35Chaos runeChaos runemembers910
40Astral runeAstral runemembers910
44Nature runeNature runemembers910
54Law runeLaw runemembers109
65Death runeDeath runemembers109
77Blood runeBlood runemembers244
90Soul runeSoul runemembers303
95Wrath runeWrath runemembers811

OSRS runecrafting

OSRS runecrafting is easy with RSpeek's RC calculator. Just input your RSN and watch the Runecrafting calculator magic happen!

Runecrafting Calculator

Our Runecrafting calculator automatically updates every week with new training methods if any come out so you dont have to worry about not getting optimial Runecrafting experience. Our runecrafting calculator is one of a kind which requires your RSN to be input and your done!