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LevelItemMembersExperienceAmount needed
1Bronze barBronze barfree to play614
1Bronze axeBronze axefree to play137
1Bronze daggerBronze daggerfree to play137
2Bronze maceBronze macefree to play137
3Bronze bolts (unf)Bronze bolts (unf)members137
3Bronze med helmBronze med helmfree to play137
4Bronze nailsBronze nailsmembers137
4Bronze swordBronze swordfree to play137
4Bronze wireBronze wiremembers137
4Bronze dart tipBronze dart tipmembers137
5Bronze scimitarBronze scimitarfree to play254
5Bronze arrowtipsBronze arrowtipsmembers137
6Bronze javelin headsBronze javelin headsmembers137
6Bronze longswordBronze longswordfree to play254
6Bronze limbsBronze limbsmembers137
7Bronze full helmBronze full helmfree to play254
7Bronze knifeBronze knifemembers137
8Bronze sq shieldBronze sq shieldfree to play254
9Bronze warhammerBronze warhammerfree to play383
10Bronze battleaxeBronze battleaxefree to play383
11Bronze chainbodyBronze chainbodyfree to play383
12Bronze kiteshieldBronze kiteshieldfree to play383
13Bronze clawsBronze clawsmembers254
14Bronze 2h swordBronze 2h swordfree to play383
15Iron barIron barfree to play137
15Iron daggerIron daggerfree to play254
16Bronze plateskirtBronze plateskirtfree to play383
16Bronze platelegsBronze platelegsfree to play383
16Iron axeIron axefree to play254
17Iron spitIron spitmembers254
17Iron maceIron macefree to play254
18Iron med helmIron med helmfree to play254
18Bronze platebodyBronze platebodyfree to play632
18Iron bolts (unf)Iron bolts (unf)members254
19Iron nailsIron nailsmembers254
19Iron dart tipIron dart tipmembers254
19Iron swordIron swordfree to play254
20Iron scimitarIron scimitarfree to play502
20Iron arrowtipsIron arrowtipsmembers254
20Silver barSilver barfree to play146
21Iron longswordIron longswordfree to play502
21Iron javelin headsIron javelin headsmembers254
22Iron knifeIron knifemembers254
22Iron full helmIron full helmfree to play502
23Iron limbsIron limbsmembers254
23Iron sq shieldIron sq shieldfree to play502
24Iron warhammerIron warhammerfree to play752
25Iron battleaxeIron battleaxefree to play752
26Iron chainbodyIron chainbodyfree to play752
26Oil lantern frameOil lantern framemembers254
27Iron kiteshieldIron kiteshieldfree to play752
28Iron clawsIron clawsmembers502
29Iron 2h swordIron 2h swordfree to play752
30Steel barSteel barfree to play185
30Steel daggerSteel daggerfree to play383
31Iron plateskirtIron plateskirtfree to play752
31Iron platelegsIron platelegsfree to play752
31Steel axeSteel axefree to play383
32Steel maceSteel macefree to play383
33Iron platebodyIron platebodyfree to play1251
33Steel med helmSteel med helmfree to play383
33Steel bolts (unf)Steel bolts (unf)members383
34Steel swordSteel swordfree to play383
34Steel nailsSteel nailsfree to play383
34Steel dart tipSteel dart tipmembers383
35Steel scimitarSteel scimitarfree to play752
35Steel arrowtipsSteel arrowtipsmembers383
36Steel javelin headsSteel javelin headsmembers383
36Steel longswordSteel longswordfree to play752
36Steel studsSteel studsmembers383
36Steel limbsSteel limbsmembers383
37Steel knifeSteel knifemembers383
37Steel full helmSteel full helmfree to play752
38Steel sq shieldSteel sq shieldfree to play752
39Steel warhammerSteel warhammerfree to play1131
40Steel battleaxeSteel battleaxefree to play1131
40Gold barGold barfree to play234
41Steel chainbodySteel chainbodyfree to play1131
42Steel kiteshieldSteel kiteshieldfree to play1131
43Steel clawsSteel clawsmembers752
44Steel 2h swordSteel 2h swordfree to play1131
46Steel platelegsSteel platelegsfree to play1131
46Steel plateskirtSteel plateskirtfree to play1131
48Steel platebodySteel platebodyfree to play1881
49Bullseye lantern (unf)Bullseye lantern (unf)members383
50Mithril daggerMithril daggerfree to play502
50Mithril barMithril barfree to play303
51Mithril axeMithril axefree to play502
52Mithril maceMithril macefree to play502
53Mithril bolts (unf)Mithril bolts (unf)members502
53Mithril med helmMithril med helmfree to play502
54Mithril swordMithril swordfree to play502
54Mithril dart tipMithril dart tipmembers502
54Mithril nailsMithril nailsmembers502
55Mithril scimitarMithril scimitarfree to play1001
55Mithril arrowtipsMithril arrowtipsmembers502
56Mithril longswordMithril longswordfree to play1001
56Mithril javelin headsMithril javelin headsmembers502
56Mithril limbsMithril limbsmembers502
57Mithril knifeMithril knifemembers502
57Mithril full helmMithril full helmfree to play1001
58Mithril sq shieldMithril sq shieldfree to play1001
59Mith grapple tipMith grapple tipmembers502
59Mithril warhammerMithril warhammerfree to play1501
60Mithril battleaxeMithril battleaxefree to play1501
60Dragon sq shieldDragon sq shieldmembers752
61Mithril chainbodyMithril chainbodyfree to play1501
62Mithril kiteshieldMithril kiteshieldfree to play1501
63Mithril clawsMithril clawsmembers1001
64Mithril 2h swordMithril 2h swordfree to play1501
66Mithril plateskirtMithril plateskirtfree to play1501
66Mithril platelegsMithril platelegsfree to play1501
68Mithril platebodyMithril platebodyfree to play2501
70Adamantite barAdamantite barfree to play383
70Adamant daggerAdamant daggerfree to play632
71Adamant axeAdamant axefree to play632
72Adamant maceAdamant macefree to play632
73Adamant bolts(unf)Adamant bolts(unf)members632
73Adamant med helmAdamant med helmfree to play632
74Adamantite nailsAdamantite nailsmembers632
74Adamant swordAdamant swordfree to play632
74Adamant dart tipAdamant dart tipmembers632
75Adamant arrowtipsAdamant arrowtipsmembers632
75Adamant scimitarAdamant scimitarfree to play1251
76Adamant javelin headsAdamant javelin headsmembers632
76Adamant longswordAdamant longswordfree to play1251
76Adamantite limbsAdamantite limbsmembers632
77Adamant full helmAdamant full helmfree to play1251
77Adamant knifeAdamant knifemembers632
78Adamant sq shieldAdamant sq shieldfree to play1251
79Adamant warhammerAdamant warhammerfree to play1881
80Adamant battleaxeAdamant battleaxefree to play1881
81Adamant chainbodyAdamant chainbodyfree to play1881
82Adamant kiteshieldAdamant kiteshieldfree to play1881
83Adamant clawsAdamant clawsmembers1251
84Adamant 2h swordAdamant 2h swordfree to play1881
85Rune daggerRune daggerfree to play752
85Runite barRunite barfree to play502
86Rune axeRune axefree to play752
86Adamant plateskirtAdamant plateskirtfree to play1881
86Adamant platelegsAdamant platelegsfree to play1881
87Rune maceRune macefree to play752
88Runite bolts (unf)Runite bolts (unf)members752
88Rune med helmRune med helmfree to play752
88Adamant platebodyAdamant platebodyfree to play3131
89Rune dart tipRune dart tipmembers752
89Rune nailsRune nailsmembers752
89Rune swordRune swordfree to play752
90Rune arrowtipsRune arrowtipsmembers752
90Rune scimitarRune scimitarfree to play1501
90Dragonfire shieldDragonfire shieldmembers20001
91Rune longswordRune longswordfree to play1501
91Rune javelin headsRune javelin headsmembers752
91Runite limbsRunite limbsmembers752
92Rune knifeRune knifemembers752
92Rune full helmRune full helmfree to play1501
93Rune sq shieldRune sq shieldfree to play1501
94Rune warhammerRune warhammerfree to play2251
95Rune battleaxeRune battleaxefree to play2251
96Rune chainbodyRune chainbodyfree to play2251
97Rune kiteshieldRune kiteshieldfree to play2251
98Rune clawsRune clawsmembers1501
99Rune platebodyRune platebodyfree to play3751
99Rune plateskirtRune plateskirtfree to play2251
99Rune platelegsRune platelegsfree to play2251
99Rune 2h swordRune 2h swordfree to play2251


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