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LevelItemMembersExperienceAmount needed
1LogsLogsfree to play254
1Achey tree logsAchey tree logsmembers254
15Oak logsOak logsfree to play383
30Willow logsWillow logsfree to play682
35Teak logsTeak logsmembers851
45Maple logsMaple logsfree to play1001
50Mahogany logsMahogany logsmembers1251
54Arctic pine logsArctic pine logsmembers403
60Yew logsYew logsfree to play1751
75Magic logsMagic logsmembers2501
90Redwood logsRedwood logsmembers3801

OSRS woodcutting calculator

Input your RSN and watch the woodcutting calculator work. Easy to use OSRS woodcutting calculator for Old School Runescape.