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OSRS Questing Service

07services will do quests for you. If you're having trouble completing certain quests to get the rewards, you can have someone else do it for you.  Just google "07services" to find them!

OSRS fire-cape service

A notorious sub quest due to its difficulty, this is a really popular offer. Defeating Tztok-Jad is the only way to get a Fire Cape. It is a useful piece of equipment on Old School Runescape—and it doesn’t hurt that it looks amazing as well. The OSRS fire cape boosts all attack types by one and all defenses by eleven. It also boosts strength by four and prayer by 2 making it best in slot outside the OSRS infernal cape, an upgraded OSRS firecape.

With those stats, it's really no wonder why many people would want this cape. However, Tztok-Jad is only found as the boss of the TzHaar Fight Cave minigame. To get to him, you have to fight your way through sixty two waves of various creatures. Then, you will have to defeat Jad. If that sounds  too difficult for you ; 07services.com also offers fire-cape services.




The Infernal Cape is a step up from the Fire Cape. To get it, you must complete the Inferno, which is a challenge similar to the fight caves above but far, far more difficult. You have to give up a Fire Cape to be able to enter the Inferno. It's worth it though because the infernal cape offers more melee attack boosts (from FC's 1 to IC's 4) and doubles the strength boost (4 to 8). As for defense, it adds 12 points across the board to your equipment stats.

  • OSRS Fighter Torso Service

The Fighter Torso is a piece of body equipment that increases all physical defenses in your equipment stats. Though the boosts are great, there is also a great penalty to magic stats making it a poor piece of gear to do magic offence and defence in. The Barbarian Assault minigame rewards this item. While it’s not as hard as the aforementioned minigames, lower leveled characters would still find it hard to accomplish without aid.

The armor is also lighter than some other armors with comparable defense. That makes it good for activities that need long distance traveling while fending foes along the way. It's also good for general and splashing training.

Whether you just want the items on your collection or you want to use them, get the equipment from 07services They provide the most affordable and most secure OSRS minigame services on the market.